Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thing #11.5 Evaluation

 just fyi-Here is my final project link for my PBWorks Wiki....

1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
       When I finally figured out how to create a glog
       (still can't figure out how to import animoto
       or VoiceThread) I saw how "visual" technology
        learning  tools it could be used for instruction.
         Our students don't read a lot of text so links
         to databases or websites would be very helpful.
         I also worked with Animoto and VoiceThread
         for the first time  and enjoyed creating and
          displaying some of our summer books.
2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
     "Keeping up" with new technology is always
      a challenge for me and just "where" to find the training.
       I really enjoy having time to work    
       on my skills through this type of format
       (11.5 Things). 
       I was able to use the skills from the "23 Things"
       to continue learning creating new technology tools.
        I usually "spend hrs." trying to figure out
       how to use something BUT my "lifelong
        learning goals" are to teach others how
       to use these tools. (students and staff)      

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
     Yes, just how easy it is to create various
      technology tools to instruct students with then
     deciding just how to "match the learning outcomes"     

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
      Nothing!! The tool is available, adequate information
      links are given to "explore" and
      "discover" AND THEN my are you "brilliant"
       when you show it off. (smile)

Thanks so much for ALL of your effort to make
 this available.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thing #11 Digital Citizenship

My Glog on Digital Citizenship.

I'm not sure why but when I tried to import an image the glog kept locking up. I really had some cute after re-doing this several it is. I plan to edit it.

Well now I can't get the glog to import SMALL for the blog...Here is the LINK

Thing #10 Virtual Worlds

I guess I'm just too "realistic" to "get into" Second Life. I recently attended a childrens' conference and the "guest speaker" was "all about this"...I found it so confusing & as I said previously not very realistic.

I "looked into" and read the links but found the it all so complicated. Maybe if someone was willing to "hands on" show me it would be easier to grasp. I work with students who struggle with the simple tasks and not sure they could "grasp" all of the things involved. Our staff is just trying to use some technology (i-movie, brochures, pictures,etc.) to "draw in" & retain ALL the learning possible.

I just can't take the time right now to "investigate" this.

I would certainly use the teen Second Life for safety reasons.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thing #9 Slideshare

I tried to put this video into the slideshare and couldn't get it to work. So I embeded it. I'm going to try again. Usually something new like this doesn't come easy. I did want to share this video...

OK I haven't been very successful with slideshare.
I tried to download a PPt and got this message
time after time.

Then I got this message.

FINALLY--Slideshare "here we go".

OK To answer the question.....

I can see where this would be so helpful for students.
Goodness you can share PPts, pictures, videos, etc.
IF you can get it to work.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thing #8 Screencast

This is the glog which I created for my PBWorks wiki. I used Jing....I had to re-create several times to get the "jest" of the whole thing-"capturing, saving, etc"...also, clicked on x-large to fill up the space AND it looks great on the edit page but when I saved it to the blog not all of it showed up...Maybe "large" for a blog???
Each icon on the glog is a link but of course a jing doesn't capture this. AH HA!! When I clicked on one of the icons the jing opened up to the whole glog....Interesting.

so a Jing captured screen could used in a presentation....I use "capture a screen shot" with my Apple all the time.  (shift-Alt-4) and then scroll down the picture..It saves on the desktop.

Thing #7 Video Resources

Hulu video- Our 6th grade study reference skills and the rainforest in their research classes. I could use this video to talk about "deforestation" and what one country is doing about it.

"Earth Day: A Win for Biodiversity -
Costa Rica Reforests Cleared Land"

A video from PBS on George Washington- Our 8th grade studies American History.

Watch the full episode. See more History Detectives.

Video on "How to Use Visual Thesaurus"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thing #6 --iTouch Apps

1. Download some educational apps to an iTouch - My daughter helped me with this....hmmm just time to play with the apps.

How to download apps on an iphone or ipod touch.

Link for Apps

2. Create a list of ways to use the iTouch in the Library by multiple students (that is different than an iTouch being assigned to students).
# dictionary skills app, Internet access through Safari
#i phone Kindle
#word games

How about this article- "36% use Wikepedia" ?  April 27, 2007. I couldn't find the article on 54%